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We always thought that the Athenian culinary scene was missing a Jewish Kosher restaurant. Since our arrival in Greece in 2001 to establish the Chabad Center, we had many requests for Kosher dining options. So we set out to establish a Kosher restaurant.

But we felt it had to do more than offer delicious and unique cuisine. It had to share an entire culture.

The result is Gostijo: a culinary exploration of the Sephardic Cuisine of the Mediterranean Jews, offering traditional and characteristics delicacies from Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Greece and other countries.

An invitation to share our food and culture

We chose the name Gostijo as it means “sharing food” in Ladino, the traditional language of Sephardic Jews. And this is the aim of the restaurant – to share the traditional Sephardic recipes and the rich and ancient culture of Sephardic Jews.

We established the restaurant in 2011 in the building of the Chabad Center in the heart of Athens, in the up and coming neighborhood of Psiri. Since then, we welcome every day visitors from various backgrounds, who want to learn about the Sephardic Jewish culture and taste a food that cannot be found elsewhere in Athens.


Gostijo is more than a restaurant, it’s a way of life and an open invitation to everyone who wants to have a unique dining experience. Glatt Kosher, lovingly prepared dishes with carefully chosen ingredients and traditional Sephardic recipes that have been handed from one generation to another during centuries.

Enjoy our rich flavors or dine al fresco in a cozy and tastefully decorated surrounding, with an atmospheric courtyard available during summer months and join us in our occasional events with live Greek and Ladino music.

Gostijo can host any kind of event that you would like to share with your friends and family. We also provide delivery and domestic catering service for all occasions.

We will be glad to welcome you to Gostijo and the Chabad House, our center for Jewish and Sephardic culture, entertainment and Kosher food.

Rabbi Mendel and Nehama Hendel

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